Profit & Loss

The profit and loss calculations made here are for nifty spot. As we have mentioned in our site, nifty futures and nifty options traders are advised to trade as per their respective levels

All calculations showed here are the day high and day low after the signal was generated by the trading system. As it is highly impossible to get the exact levels, these are displayed only for information purpose. Minimum profit is calculated if nifty moves 15-20 points in our trend.


Profit/Loss for 23rd Mar 2018

Nifty sell signal generated around 12:40 PM at 9984 and exited at 10014 generating a loss of 30 points.

Nifty buy signal generated around 01:36 PM at 10014 and closed at 9996 generating a loss of 18 points.

Total profit/loss gained today : -48 points